Class Schedule

The class schedule is subject to change so be sure to access the one posted on Blackboard Learn.

Spring 2013 Schedule of events

Month Tues Thurs Description
January     Introduction to the class structure
      Unit 1
      Unit 1
February     Unit 2
      Unit 2
      Unit 3
      Unit 3
March     Review/Midterm Exam
      Spring Break
      Unit 4
      Unit 4
April     Unit 4
      Unit 5
      Unit 6
      Unit 7
      Unit 7
May     Project
      Final Exam


aztec calendar imageAztec Calendar Stone. Date: 1479

tres rich image

Illuminated manuscript page from a late Gothic book of hours, before the Renaissance had reached the North. Depicted normal working people. Each month had appropriate agricultural labor depicted. The Limbourg Brothers. "February." 1413-1416.