You will have several assignments over the semester, research, writing and participation. But don't worry, you do not have to be a writer or an artist. We will work on both areas to develop skills.

Writing Assignments (2)

  1. Compare and Contrast Essay

    Compare and contrast in essay form. You may create bulleted lists to help you but you will need to write an essay that communicates your thoughts about the two images based on your study of the works of art, the time period and culture to which they belong. Include how some features and ideas are typical of certain periods of art. Be sure to completely identify each work of art including the artist’s name (if any), and from which period and culture or style it derived/belongs. Fulfills [2b] think critically and creatively, learning to apply different systems of analysis.

  2. Controversial Art Essay

    This is the main point to focus on for your final exam essay:
    Students are to write about the acceptability of controversial works of art.They are to answer how their own and others’ aesthetic, moral, and ethical values may influence the ways that such works are perceived and evaluated. [5a] The UNT Dallas graduate will be able to articulate the values that undergird their lives, the UNT Dallas community and the larger society.

Projects (3)

You will have three main projects along with experimenting with art materials in the classroom.

  1. Colored Paper Cutouts

    Examples to the right. Fulfills [3a] engage with a variety of others in thoughtful and well-crafted communication.

  2. Controversial Art Discussion

    Fulfills [3b] broaden and refine their thinking as a part of the give and take of ideas, seeking to better understand other’s perspectives as well as their own.

  3. 5 Art/5 Cultures Visit to the Art Museum

    Students will complete a project in which they select five works of art from five different cultures and based on their analysis of these works they will identify characteristics of these cultures. Fulfills [4b] be able to express ways that exposure to different ideas, perspectives, cultures and viewpoints have enriched their thinking.

Student Projects

student projectMade in class with cut paper.

adriana project

Another student project made with cut paper.

greer project image

Another student project made with cut paper.

alvarado image

Another student project made with cut paper.

rosales image

Another student project made with cut paper.